So if you’re feeling strong, then reach for yours, My book is my shield and my mic is my sword, sword, sword…

 This quilt was made for a lovely young woman who works in the same office as the other law quilt recipient from last month.

The recipient is a Cavalier from the University of Virginia. Like other southern schools, Pearl Girls are a major fixture on campus so I used a pearl motif fabric for the background of the UVa logo as well as the ΑΧΩ greek letter block. UVa colors are orange and blue which I was able to address with the blue and orange butterfly border fabric.

While at UVa, she pledged Alpha Chi Omega.  AChiO’s colors are green and red so it was a bit challenging to find fabrics in those colors that didn’t scream Christmas. Alpha Chi Omega doesn’t have a mascot at the national level but several individual chapters use the butterfly. The lyre in the upper left corner of the quilt is their symbol, similar to the Kappa Key.

Most people know that Thomas Jefferson designed the campus from nearby Monticello.  And if you step on the Grounds unaware of that factoid, you certainly will know it by the time you leave.
How many UVA students does it take to change a light bulb? 
One – he just holds the bulb and lets the world revolve around him.