FBI and the cops keep all filing Who protests the war and who they’re dialing


This quilt was made for one of the most unique multi-faceted individuals I have ever met and this quilt depicts just a few sides of her most interesting life.

The recipient pledged the Central Michigan Zeta Rho chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporated as an undergraduate student.  AKA was the first sorority founded by and for African-American women.  Currently there are 4 NPHC sororities in existence.

The middle section was made from a large silk scarf.  This had to be sewn with kid gloves as it was a very fragile fabric.

Although I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma and NOT an AKA,  I love their choice of pearls as their official jewel and the color scheme of pink and green.

The recipient was also an FBI agent for many decades.  When I was asked to make the quilt, I made sure she included one of those awesome windbreakers with the gigantic letters on the back.

Because she is an associate pastor at the historic Shiloh Baptist Church which was actually founded during the Civil War in Confederate Virginia, I made sure to incorporate some fabric with religious motifs.

She was a Webster University academic advisor for several years and still is one of Webster’s adjunct faculty members.

This is the fabric we used for the back of the quilt.  These whales are just as cute as can be and the color combination is perfect for an Alpha Kappa Alpha or a Delta Zeta project.

You got your sundress on for game day

The final Paprika of my 4 part series is pictured below.  This Paprika was made for a female student at W&L.  She is a sister of the Zeta Tau chapter of Kappa Delta (ΚΔ).  We used the pink version of the Trident pajama pants to create sleep shorts. The remaining yardage was saved  for the piping, the Trident and Greek Letters.  The background fabric is a decorator-weight Waverly print.

ΚΔ’s colors are olive green and pearl white. The client wanted pink as the 3rd color as the intended recipient has her entire room decorated in pink and green. That is one of my favorite color combinations as well.  Not only would the pink and green be great for a ΚΔ but it would be great for a ΔZ, AKA, or anyone who my kids say “rocks the croc”.

As requested by the client for the 3 other Paprikas, a zipper was installed in the bottom seam and the designs on the back of the pillow are skewed towards the top so the monogram can be added.

Chive I and II

The Chive is a fully-lined zippered change purse that is made from the uniform cuff and sleeve end. It can easily hold coins, lip gloss, and calling cards. These two Chives match the Parsleys and Wasabis posted on Rosemary Remembers in July. I had lost these Chive pictures in the depths of my computer but my friendly resident computer expert was able to unearth them. Thanks kiddo! 🙂

Parsley I and II

Parsleys are soft-sided quilted purses made from uniforms and other fabric.

The two wide sides (front and back) are from the left and right upper front of the uniform. One side is the NAMETAG half with pocket, the other is the U.S. SERVICE. The inside of each bag incorporates a double pocket made from coordinating fabric plus another uniform pocket complete with patch. The usual closure is made from the button-cuff from the sleeve. An alternative option is to substitute a zipper closure for the button-cuff closure. There is an extra charge to substitute the closure.One Parsley was coordinated with pink and green fabrics. It would be great for a military AKA or DZ or simply any uber-prep like the client for which it was designed. This Parsley has the default button-cuff closure.

The other Parsley incorporated palm tree fabric and various purple based coordinates, one of the client’s favorite colors. Palm trees are special for this client as she and her family were stationed in Hawaii (lucky!) and are from a state with a palm(etto) tree in the flag.  Her Parsley has a zipper as a closure.