Get in the game you gotta scheme All the same I’ve got the team

This quilt was a Father’s Day present for a HUGE all-sports Cincinnati fan.  He follows the professional teams, the NCAA colleges, and even some of the high school sports.

His wife asked for NO sashing between the blocks and wanted red borders despite the red t-shirt in the corner.

The tiger shows some microquilting on its nose.  Microquilting is done the same way as stippling but much closer, similar to the comparison of petit point and needlepoint.

Shea Stadium, the radium, E-M-D squared Kicked out of the Palladium, you think that I cared

This is a quilt for a dad who coaches his son’s baseball team.  It’s been so long since my own played baseball so I am not sure if this is travel, Babe Ruth, or some other type of league for middle schoolers.

The dad coaches the Mets but LOVES the Bronx Bombers, hence the choice of NY Yankees fabric

Since this is meant as a lap quilt, we used polarfleece as the backing and sashing.  Polarfleece plus batting makes it very easy to see all the quilting that was done (in this case, tons of stippling).

On location, touring around the nation Fitz Family always on vacation

These two quilts are memorial quilts dedicated to a special husband and dad.   The father’s favorite souvenir was a shirt from wherever they traveled.  As the father was an USAF officer, I incorporated many patches from various military units and uniforms on both of the quilts.

The first quilt was made for the daughter.  Both dad and daughter are UVa Cavaliers which is commemorated in the patch in the left column. This patch was actually the front section of a baseball hat.  Both dad and daughter were big Redskin fans.

The second quilt was made for the son.  Since he still has the same surname, his quilt has the family coat of arms in the top row as well as 2 blocks celebrating the family’s Hibernian heritage. I also added the various patches from a Falls Church High School hat.

The son’s quilt had a fabulous backing made from a cotton with large scale motorcycles in various colors.  It would have been great to have them driving around the front of the quilt but they were too large so to the back they went.  Unfortunately the photograph was very blurry so it couldn’t be included.   An all-purpose patriotic star design was used for the sashing/borders and binding.

Hurricane, you got clout Other DJs, he’ll put your head out

In between our epic week of two not-so-disastrous natural disasters, I completed a quilt for a young man who is bound for George Mason University.  This Tarragon consists of 20 tshirts in a 4 x 5 grid. A blue batik was chosen for the sashing and borders.
Like his older brother, this newly-graduated senior was very involved in high school. He was in DECA and is an excellent athlete.  He is also an avid sports fan. One of his uniforms that was provided was a mesh vest worn over a black tshirt. Both layers were imprinted with the team name on the right breast and if you look closely you can see the team name through the little airholes.
We went a bit different for the backing this time.  3 Robert Kaufman coordinates were pieced together to make a very unique design.

I love these prints, especially the referee print with the little grey dots that look like the breathing holes in real ref shirts.

Go Patriots!


The sun is beating down on my baseball hat The air is gettin’ hot, the beer is getting flat

This sports-themed tshirt quilt was designed as a gift for the WashU head coach of the baseball team.  Steve Duncan was an assistant coach at Johns Hopkins and is now heading the team at Washington University in St. Louis.  Obviously HE doesn’t have to worry about his players not being true student-athletes! 🙂

The giver of the quilt had a big hand in designing it.  After much brainstorming and emailing of sketches and fonts, we came up with this baseball field design. I handwashed the pennant several times in very hot water to preshrink it and make it more colorfast. However, I would not wash this quilt in the machine as the felt pennant is really not washable according to the manufacturer and my expert quilting buddies.  I was able to find a great fabric for the back in keeping with the theme.