And like a bottle of Chateau Scott and Nat, I’m fine like wine when I start to rap

This quilt was made as a wedding gift for  a lovely couple way back when but I only just recently obtained a picture of it.  They are practically a UN contingent all by themselves.  The bride is a dual French-US citizen, the groom is Australian.  They met in college in Canada and now live in the EU.

The design was inspired by a Becky Beierle motif.   The material for the bottle is actually a metallic cotton, MUCH easier to manipulate than the typical metallic fabric which frays terribly.

The bottle was pieced as 2 green sections, the white label and the brown cork.  Once it was a unit, it was hand-appliqued onto a background. The grape, leaves, and vines were hand-tinted. and the quilt was entirely hand-quilted.