The Vinall decision is perfection and precision She’s grade A class, number one in her division

This is the third of the trio of quilts that were made for three lucky sisters.Like her two older sisters, this girl played lacrosse all through high school and now in college.  She ventured out of state and is now studying at Dickinson College

As she did with the older two, mom saved lots of fun shirts from the girl’s childhood from Disney characters to tennis, golf, basketball and of course lacrosse themes. She chose a jelly-bean fabric as the daughter is a huge fan of that candy delight
Dickinson Drama!
Legend has it that if a student treads on the college seal embedded in the middle of Britton Plaza, he or she won’t graduate. I am sure this young lady will be too smart to risk that.

She’s got the savior faire because she’s debonair, Well, M Dub with the Vinall, with the grooves so rare

This is the second of the trio of quilts for the three sisters.  Like the eldest, the middle girl is also an excellent lacrosse player and plays at the NCAA level for the University of Mary Washington.  Additionally she was on field hockey, tennis, soccer, basketball and swim teams.
Mary Washington, or “M Dub” as they apparently call themselves was founded in 1908 and named for the mother of our country’s founding father. The University of Mary Washington has built a rich history of traditions and academic excellence.

How many Mary Washington students does it take to change a light bulb?
The whole student body, there’s nothing better to do on weekends.

The needle’s in the groove and the Vinall’s on the platter. I know that I’m fly, man, there’s no need to flatter

This is one of a trio of quilts I made for 3 sisters.

All 3 girls are excellent athletes, participating in lacrosse and swimming throughout their childhoods and  high school.  The oldest sister also played Division 1 lacrosse at the University of Richmond, very time consuming and impressive!

I believe this quilt set a new record for number of shirt emblems in one quilt.  I was able to squeeze  11 NVSL All Star logos into one block. The mom wanted non-Halloweeny arachnid motifs since Richmond’s mascot is the spider but she found high heel fabric for the borders and sashing as the recipient is now working in Manhattan and is in pumps and suits.
My favorite block in this quilt is this one below,  I love the smiling shark and apparently this now-sophisticated young lady, former jock laxer, was originally a Barney fan! 🙂
How many University of Richmond students does it take to change a light bulb?

Two, one to mix the martinis and one to call the electrician.