‘Cause I don’t need a magic potion Let me talk about back field in motion

This quilt and these pillows were made for field hockey girls who recently graduated from high school. two of the players are going to matriculate at the University of Delaware, one at the University of Maryland, and one at Lafayette.

The M and UD pillows used the uniform skirt from the middle school at Worcester Prep and all but the last pillow on the right used the upper school skirt for the piping.  All 3 WP pillows used Mallard W logo shirts on the reverse.

The 4th pillow was for the girl who attended Cape Henlopen High School and is matriculating at the Lafayette. The shirt that has a flag shaped into the state of Delaware was designed by her for a major field hockey tournament. The printed colors are actually field hockey sticks set together horizontally.


The quilt is for a Worcester Prep grad who is becoming a Blue Hen this fall.  Like her friends, she is a talented field hockey player.  As usual, I retained the collar and buttons from the polo shirt to add a bit of interest.

To all the party people who are happy and free (free), with K Buck M, we’re making history.


This quilt is for a recent Fighting Irish alumna.  Like most Domers, she is an avid football fan and was the proud owner of MANY season and bowl game shirts.  Not opting for sashing between the blocks makes a very different look.


My trademark has been to keep what I call architectural elements of garments when possible.  The zipper hoodie square is quilted only on the perimeter, leaving the middle open so the shirt can be unzipped to see the 3 mini designs hidden underneath, 2 of which were from her academic department.

20141211_082003 20141211_082047

The bottom block was made from a nylon flag.  The recipient actually interned for the Discovery Channel while an undergrad.

20141211_082119 (1)

Here is the Bengal boss inspecting my basting to make sure I am pinning the layers correctly.



With a harmony and a pair of vowels, heed the word of the owl- HOOT

This pillow was made for a Chi Omega ΧΩ who initiated at Washington and Lee.  W&L upperclassmen sponsor incoming freshman and she was paired with a student who had attended the same prep school.


The Worcester Prep Mallard logo was from a hoodie sweatshirt.  It was backed with interfacing as it would be for a quilt block to minimize stretch.

 The W&L Trident side was made with uniform skirts from Worcester Prep.  The green plaid is worn by the upper school girls and the middle school girls wear the grey.

Jack, Luke, Ryan, that’s our team. Step inside the party disrupt the whole scene.

These 3 bolster pillows were made for 3 recent grads of Worcester Prep.  The 3 recipients have been great friends all through the upper school grades.  All 3 are avid athletes on the field, whether it be lacrosse or soccer.

The school tie was used in each of the pillows.  From back to front, you can see it as piping, as vertical sashing, and finally as the focus on an actual shirt and tie block.  The right square on the back bolster was to designed to commemorate the uncle of the recipient.
In this block, you can see that I have now added yet another textile to my repetoire.  The left square on the front bolster incorporates a W&L Trident gym sock.  I love this recipient’s mom.  She always comes up with amazing ideas and items.  The red sashing (vertical in the back bolster and horizontal in the middle and front ones) is actually from a Virgin Airlines blanket.  The senior class all traveled to Great Britain during a Spring Break and one of the boys brought home the airplane blanket as a souvenir.
The grey sashing is from the uniform pants worn by the male students.  Grey plaid and dark green plaid uniforms were also incorporated but they were from female student skirts .  The right block on the front bolster was to designed to commemorate the life of the recipient’s uncle.

These fine young men will be attending Washington and Lee University, UNC-Wilmington, and Michigan State.

Well, I’m Lilly-Lill most of the time But I make a lot of noise when I bust a fresh rhyme

This bolster pillow was made for a newly-minted graduate of Worcester Prep in Maryland.  Like other Mallards, she is a very busy young lady, involved in many different activities.  She is an outstanding lacrosse player as well as an excellent equestrienne.

These bolster pillows are quite large.  The length of the pillow is the width of a twin bed and the diameter of the circle is nearly 9 inches across.
Here is a link to other Bay Leaf Bolsters.

Now push the pause button then start DUCKing. Shhhhh you heard me like I’m E.F. Hutton.

These three Bay Leaf Bolsters are a new design.  Each pillow used elements of 8 shirts, two uniform skirts, and 1 school tie. Rather than making 2 4-square pillow faces for a front and back pillow, we thought it would be fun to make bolsters for the new graduates’ dorm room beds.

The three graduates all attended Worcester Prep.  Two are off to Furman and the third is matriculating at Lynchburg College

The first set of pictures show both sides of the bolster.  The student was a lacrosse player both for his school and for a travel team.  The Cropper Concrete shirt is from the family business.

The next pair are the sides of a fellow lacrosse player.  He also was heavily involved in Appalachian Service Project.  The last pair of images is from the bolster for the girl who graduated.  She also was a lacrosse player at the travel and school level.

The circles at either end were primarily made from the front pocket designs of the t shirts.  However in the second of the two pictures, the leftmost pillow used the girl’s uniform blouse and the middle pillow incorporated a pair of shorts.

The  piping was made from the upper school girls’ Black Watch skirt and the horizontal sashing in the body of the bolster was made from the middle school grey plaid uniform.  The vertical sashing was created from the school regimental tie.

Paprika I

The Paprika is a pillow that has been appliqued, quilted, or in this case: both! This Paprika was made from a middle-school student’s t-shirt. One side of the Paprika is a large rendition of the school mascot from the back of the shirt.

 The other side of the Paprika incorporated the miniaturized mascot from the front of the shirt as well as award patches from 2 different sports that the boy plays for his school. The client wanted the little designs to skew towards the top of the pillow so she could have it monogrammed. So there is a nice big space at the bottom for his name or initials.

This Paprika incorporated piping and a hidden zipper in the bottom seam so that the insert can be removed so that the actual pillow cover can be easily washed. Both sides of the Paprika were free-motion quilted using a meandering stipple design. Like a t-shirt quilt, this is a necessary step for a t-shirt pillow so that t-shirts remain stabilized.