She studies real hard, all night she’ll cram In school she majors in advanced Delta Gam

This was probably the most fun albeit most challenging quilt I have made to date.  It is for a Salisbury University Delta Gamma who just happened to have graduated summa cum laude. It was just a couple of years ago that she received a Delta Gamma/Salisbury pillow for Christmas.

I included tons of different textiles to include 3 satin graduation stoles representing the recipient’s study abroad experience Down Under, her membership in Delta Gamma, and her membership in the honor society Phi Kappa Phi ΦΚΦ.

We also couched two honor cords on the top border.  Obviously the blue and gold one was for Phi Kappa Phi. I’m not sure what the 2 shades of blue cord represents since Delta Gamma colors are pink and blue.

The recipient had six sets of stitched letters to incorporate into the design.  You can see she  combined her two loves of ΔΓ and the Baltimore Ravens in the bottom set.  The OC Parasail design was originally black and white but I hand-tinted it so it wouldn’t be as bland.

The back of the quilt was made from a college sweatshirt blanket and two Vera Bradley throws.  The quilt label was inked on a pair of SU shorts.  The front sashing/border print was made from two Vera Bradley sarongs.

SU trivia:  Originally the school was called Salisbury State University which of course people nicknamed Salisbury Steak University.  The name was changed to Salisbury University around the beginning of the millenium.

Bim! Bam! Hot damn! We’re the girls of Delta Gam!

Fabulous Client, Part Deux* 

The twin of the boy who received the UMD/Kappa Alpha pillow  this Christmas is also attending a Maryland college.  This young lady attends Salisbury University and is a proud sister of Delta Gamma.

The Salisbury University logo incorporates their mascot and the letters S and U in a very skinny font. The mascot is a seagull which is very logical as Salisbury is on the Eastern Shore very close to the Atlantic Ocean.  Their colors are maroon and gold.

Delta Gamma (ΔΓ)  is a woman’s fraternity founded in 1873.  They have a mascot called the Hannah Doll which looks somewhat like Raggedy Ann.  Their badge is an anchor and their colors are bronze and pale pink and blue.

I was able to find some blue fabric that had anchor motifs in the right size for the letters so I was thrilled. The recipient apparently is a big fan of hot pink so I kicked it up a notch for the background.  Surprisingly the maroon of the SU didn’t clash too badly with the hot pink.

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