A professor of science ’cause I keep droppin’ it I smell weak ’cause y’all keep poppin’ it

This quilt is for a Furman Palladin.  Like many college students she was very active in extracurriculars at school.

She was a health sciences major and participated in several fundraisers for improvements to third-world countries.  She was an equestrienne, a runner, and a bibliophile.

My signature technique of incorporating the architectural element of the garment  ie the usable pockets was able to be incorporated once again. 🙂


Tight bodies, I’m rousting. Karate chops and roundhouses

This quilt was made for a Denison University alumna to celebrate her baccalaureate status.   Like so many other recipients of my quilts, she was very involved during college.  She is a member of Delta Delta Delta, a Resident Advisor, an intercollegiate soccer player for the Big Red, and in her free time, a marathon runner. She continues to give back to the community by serving in the Teach for America program,

As usual, I kept the collar and buttons of the polo shirt to add some dimension.  I love the black and red print that was used for the sashing and borders. The recipient’s style is both urban and sophisticated  so this contemporary fabric fit the bill.

I couched the Tri-Delta graduation cord to the upper left corner and appliqued her karate belt to the lower right.  I tied the belt in the specific knot that is used by martial arts students.