Tight bodies, I’m rousting. Karate chops and roundhouses

This quilt was made for a Denison University alumna to celebrate her baccalaureate status.   Like so many other recipients of my quilts, she was very involved during college.  She is a member of Delta Delta Delta, a Resident Advisor, an intercollegiate soccer player for the Big Red, and in her free time, a marathon runner. She continues to give back to the community by serving in the Teach for America program,

As usual, I kept the collar and buttons of the polo shirt to add some dimension.  I love the black and red print that was used for the sashing and borders. The recipient’s style is both urban and sophisticated  so this contemporary fabric fit the bill.

I couched the Tri-Delta graduation cord to the upper left corner and appliqued her karate belt to the lower right.  I tied the belt in the specific knot that is used by martial arts students.

With Payne I stand sane and remain holding strong Whilst all around me those who clowned me are now drowning by the throngs

The recipient of this full-sized Fennel is a very recent graduate (as of yesterday!) of Denison University.  A couple of years ago, he received a Denison/Phi Delt pillow.

This is obviously a quilt for a guy as you can see by the choice of denim for the sashing and borders.  The recipient is a Phi Delta Theta, a lacrosse player, a communications major, as well as a parasailor, etc, etc.

I added a bit of 3-D embellishment by keeping the hoodie pocket and buttons but had two new challenges to incorporate the polo shirt collar in the picture above as well as keeping the V of the Carlsberg Soccer shirt in Row 5. The polo shirt were worn by the communications majors during their broadcasts.  Once again, a felt banner was used which was added to the Denisonian block.
The long vertical Denison was taken from the leg of a pair of sweatpants and the two thin blocks just to the left are from athletic shorts.

One thing new was the choice of material for the backing.  Usually I use a quilting weight cotton or flannel but this time, I was asked to use a Denison sweatshirt blanket.  Because the blanket was much smaller than the quilt top, I added borders of the denim.  This was a very heavy quilt!  I was a bit worried that the crest of the blanket would be mangled by all the quilting but it came out fine.  Phew!


Apparently if a Denison student steps on the college seal embedded in Chapel Walk in front of Swasey Chapel, he or she won’t graduate. Students walk around it, bike around it, skateboard around it…you get the idea.  Good thing he didn’t get the quilt until AFTER graduation!


Paprika II

This Paprika is the second in a set of four for a client.  The intended recipient is a student at Denison University. He is a member of the Ohio Iota chapter of Phi Delta Theta (ΦΔΘ).  Denison’s logo is a bicolor capital D.  The client wanted solids for the majority of fabrics and a touch of coordinating plaid for the outline of the Denison D, the Greek letters, and the piping.


The flip side of the pillow has his fraternity written in 4″ block  letters centered left and right but positioned towards the top so the client can have the pillow monogrammed.  These are the same size letters that the Greeks wear on their shirts.  I used the same plaid for the letters. 

Both the Denison D and the ΦΔΘ are appliqued with a satin stitch to provide a more finished appearance.  This pillow also has a hidden zipper in the seam so the exterior can be removed for easy washing.