Make you bounce, rock, roll and skate Don’t underrate how I operate

It’s door-decorating time at the office again.  Last year we went all out but unfortunately not this year as we went supply-shopping way too late as there was very little left in the stores for maxxing our crafty capabilities.  We modified the Webster mascot a bit from this:

to an action figure who has been clearly enjoying ice time so much that s/he lost weight!

Happy holidays to all Gorlocks everywhere!

My name’s D.M.C. with the mic in my hand And I’m chilling and coolin’ just like a snowman

My building is having a holiday door decorating contest.  Since we have people of various faiths at our site, I wanted to decorate doors with a variety of images.  The boss gave me a budget and let me go shopping during a time when I would normally be in the office.

Door 1 is in homage to Kamikazi Carl and his love of snowboarding.    You will see that St. Nick is also an avid X-gamer.

Put on your yarmulke, it’s time for Chanukah! Door 2 is honoring the Festival of Lights.

And the entry that we hope will win:

My co-worker is so clever.  She said she was going to add gingerbread men but the fact that they are all wearing college shirts is just too cute. And I love the expression on Santa Gorlock…