It’s time to turn the Paige to a brand new chapter Settin’ my sights and you know what I’m after

This quilt was made for the sibling of a W&L KD.  The recipient is a University of Virginia Cavalier and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.  I loved, loved, loved working with these shirts as so many had awesome slogans and great designs.
The recipient asked for polarfleece for the backing as it would make it extra-warm for her cold winters where she was relocating.  Polarfleece provided more loft which really profiled the quilting.

This recipient is not only a ΖΤΑ, but also a member of the UVa equestrian team and a graduate of the McIntire School of Business.

The pics for this quilt were taken by my crazy kid who thought these angles would bring a unique perspective.
Haha, I think his photographer days are numbered.

Five-O caught me, now I’m going to the mountains Said goodbye to my girl, my lawyers, and accountants

This quilt was made for a recent (as in 2 days ago!) graduate of Loyola University in Maryland. He has lined up a job with an accounting firm post-graduation, no mean feat in today’s economy.


The recipient was a Salisbury School   student before graduating from Episcopal High School. He played soccer and lacrosse in high school and was a member of the NCAA Loyola Greyhound Soccer Team.


In addition to playing sports himself, he is a huge sports fan, loving his hometown teams: the Ravens and the Orioles.


The back of his quilt was made with an Orioles fleece blanket and a Loyola sweatshirt blanket with a bit of Ravens corduroy thrown in to stabilize the stretchy fabrics.


My trademark is to incorporate architectural elements of the garments whenever possible. I have used pockets, hoods, buttons, collars, etc but this is the first time I was challenged to use a zipper. The Ravens corduroy peeks through when the warmup jacket is unzipped.


The bottom of the block (cut off in the picture) is from a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxers. The recipient has a family member who works for this designer and always gave him the best prints.