Now push the pause button then start DUCKing. Shhhhh you heard me like I’m E.F. Hutton.

These three Bay Leaf Bolsters are a new design.  Each pillow used elements of 8 shirts, two uniform skirts, and 1 school tie. Rather than making 2 4-square pillow faces for a front and back pillow, we thought it would be fun to make bolsters for the new graduates’ dorm room beds.

The three graduates all attended Worcester Prep.  Two are off to Furman and the third is matriculating at Lynchburg College

The first set of pictures show both sides of the bolster.  The student was a lacrosse player both for his school and for a travel team.  The Cropper Concrete shirt is from the family business.

The next pair are the sides of a fellow lacrosse player.  He also was heavily involved in Appalachian Service Project.  The last pair of images is from the bolster for the girl who graduated.  She also was a lacrosse player at the travel and school level.

The circles at either end were primarily made from the front pocket designs of the t shirts.  However in the second of the two pictures, the leftmost pillow used the girl’s uniform blouse and the middle pillow incorporated a pair of shorts.

The  piping was made from the upper school girls’ Black Watch skirt and the horizontal sashing in the body of the bolster was made from the middle school grey plaid uniform.  The vertical sashing was created from the school regimental tie.