Make you bounce, rock, roll and skate. Don’t underrate how I operate.

This was one of the most challenging projects I have ever designed.  The recipient was a competitive skater in her day. She provided 4 costumes, all of which were sequined, sparkly and very slippery. Although the fabrics weren’t stretchy, I fused interfacing to the backs and fray-checked every cut edge to make them behave.



I knew that the patriotic vest and white lacy bodysuit would work well together.  I overlaid the vest on top of the blouse.  A strip of the rainbow outfit was used as a cummerbund. I wanted to include all the fabrics on each side of the pillow, so I created a gold medal out of the neon yellow costume.


The other side was a bit of a challenge.  I created pillows for this person in the past using crazy quilt designs which would have worked nicely.  However I discovered a quilt block called Marcie’s Maze and given that the recipient was named Marcy, albeit spelled slightly differently, I knew this would make a great side.

Not only did I reposition sequins for this side, I also appliqued the name tags that had been sewn into the costumes.  I created the piping from the striped fabric as well. I originally wanted the yellow and the white to be reversed but it looked too much like sunny-side up eggs.

Just back from Japan and ooh I’m laggin’ Goin’ rao rao with the dungeon dragon

This is different than my usual projects.  The recipient had a gorgeous sashiko (Japanese embroidery on indigo) jacket that she bought in Okinawa.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of the jacket as it was quite lovely.

The recipient is redecorating a guest room with a blue and white theme so she thought the sashiko jacket could be repurposed into pillows. We added a blue and blue batik for the contrast fabric which is quite appropriate given that she is a Kappa Kappa Gamma alumana.

The first pillow was from the front of the jacket.  I sewed the opening down so there wouldn’t be a gap while leaving the frogs and coordinate in place.

This was a basic 4-patch using 8 inch squares. I really loved how the batik coordinates with the sashiko embroidery.

To provide some visual interest for the bed, I made a bolster pillow with the two main fabrics.  I also added some cream lace to coordinate with the ecru fabric from the first pillow.

These girls are really DZ, all they just say is please me Or spend some time and rock a rhyme, I said “It’s not that easy”

This pillow is for a good friend of a Michigan Chi Omega. The recipient is a member of the Alpha Chapter of Delta Zeta at Miami of Ohio,   The ΔZ and  ΧΩ were camp counselors together up in Maine.

The recipient enjoys outdoor activities. Not only did she love camping, she was an avid soccer player and excellent equestrienne as evidenced by the blue ribbon..We used a pine tree print for the piping to represent the camp experience.

There are also pines that were from a hand-painted camp shirt.  Although a New Yorker at heart, she and her family love Boston Terriers so we made sure to include the flannel print as well.

I was suspended in animation just the other day Well I was in the night kitchen on the Milky Way

These 3 crazy quilt pillows were made from hostess and utilitarian aprons as well as kitchen and decorative towels. They were given to 3 female relatives of a woman who loved to entertain in the day.


The 3 scarecrows were pockets on one particular apron.  The fruit arrangement on the middle pillow was a pocket as was the yellow ruffled piece.

The dusty pink sections and the blue swirled pieces were from beautiful hand-embroidered aprons.  Entertaining is so different in this era as compared to past decades.

With a harmony and a pair of vowels, heed the word of the owl- HOOT

This pillow was made for a Chi Omega ΧΩ who initiated at Washington and Lee.  W&L upperclassmen sponsor incoming freshman and she was paired with a student who had attended the same prep school.


The Worcester Prep Mallard logo was from a hoodie sweatshirt.  It was backed with interfacing as it would be for a quilt block to minimize stretch.

 The W&L Trident side was made with uniform skirts from Worcester Prep.  The green plaid is worn by the upper school girls and the middle school girls wear the grey.

Blue ribbon gardens grow the fleur-de-lis!

This floral chintz pillow was made for a young woman who recently initiated into Kappa Kappa Gamma at Colgate University. The recipient being a much bigger fan of pink and green as opposed to 2 shades of blue or the Colgate colors of maroon and white, we opted for a muted flower print with hot pink as the accent color and a green fabric with pink fleur-de-lis.

kkgcolgate side 1 

Unlike some of the other Greek pillows that I have made, we opted for the letters to be arranged diagonally instead of horizontally to include a monogram.

kkgcolgate side 2

Colgate’s logo isn’t just a capital C, it always has the apostrophe gate written across the letter.

Here is a closeup of the fabulous pink and green fleur-de-lis fabric, perfect for any preppy Kappa.

kkgcolgate closeup


I found a bit of interesting Colgate trivia.

No triskaidekaphobiacs at this upstate school, all good Raiders apparently are triskaidekaphiliacs instead. Colgate was originally founded as The Baptist Education Society of the State of New York by 13 men who each offered $13 and 13 prayers.

The society’s original constitution contained 13 articles. The address is 13 Oak Drive which happens to be located in the zip code 13346 (the first two digits are 13, and the last three digits add up to 13!).

So, that is why Friday the 13th is a day of celebration of Colgate. Every Colgate Day students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families around the world don their Colgate regalia and celebrate the university and its community.

Now we’re your friend, and you’re her brother, But your sister’s so def we might scheme on your mother

Brotherhood (and motherhood) at its finest! This Paprika Pillow was made to support the Delta Tau Delta (ΔΤΔ) Parents’ Auction for the Westminster College chapter, Delta Omicron.

The official colors of ΔΤΔ, otherwise known as Delt, are  purple, gold, and white . Their flower is a purple iris.  I was fairly certain that no self-respecting Delt would want a pillow with flowers on it so I went with a plaid that was purple with touches of gold.

The other side of the pillow has an extremely simplified image of the column from the Westminster College logo.  Columns are very significant to Westminster as they are the only remains of Westminster Hall, the original administration building, which burned in a fire in 1909. 


This means huge compared to very small You look a little chilly, can I get you a shawl?

 I don’t crochet or knit but I had to share this.  My mother’s friend has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer after 10 years of remission.  My church has a prayer shawl ministry where the chicks with sticks parishioners make hand-crafted afghans and shawls while saying prayers for the sick. I received a shawl back in my chemo days and found it very comforting.  The shawl pictured below was given by my mother to her coworker. The fiber that was used was very soft and lightweight.

One thing I personally found to be very helpful after the surgeries was a mastectomy pillow.  This is just a small pillow that the patient puts between her arm and her torso.  It does make the patient feel much better.  Apparently cardiac patients also find this to be helpful in removing the achiness.

The patchwork is all cotton and the other is flannel so she can flip it to the smooth side if she is feeling hot and to the fuzzy side if she has chills.

T with an H with a ETA

An updated picture of the Theta pillow now beautifully monogrammed with the new member’s initials:

I think she’ll love it!

And Naugels, Isaac Newton, and Scientific E.Z. Ben Franklin with the kite, gettin’ over with the key


This family has Monmouth Duo AND Kite&Key links in it.  The grandmother is a Kappa Kappa Gamma  ΚΚΓ, the mom and 2 aunts are all members of Pi Beta Phi ΠΒΦ, and the granddaughter is a new member of Kappa Alpha Theta ΚΑΘ.  Apparently the grandmother’s sisters are also Thetas so it’s just one happy Panhellenic family!

The young woman is a soon-to-be initiate of Kappa Alpha Theta’s Iota chapter at Cornell.  Her pillow was made from a tone-on-tone black striped home dec fabric.  Like always, the letters were skewed towards the top so that there is enough room for a monogram.They of course were centered left and right. The gold fabric has little dots of black and white. I used a variegated gold thread for all the applique work to add some visual interest.

Unlike the other pillows that I have designed that incorporate the school’s logo, the customer wanted this pillow to be All Theta.  So on the reverse side, I appliqued a somewhat whimsical kite in flight.

The family has a great sense of humor.  Apparently when the youngest of the 2nd generation followed her 2 sisters into Pi Phi, their Kappa mom sent a bouquet of blue irises (the KKG flower).  This time they are giving the new initiate a pillow that has both owls and arrows on it before they give her the “real” pillow.

I love this fabric.  It is such a simple graphic in black and white and looks stunning IRL!