Hear the beat of dancing feet, It’s the song I love, the melody of Forty-Second Street.

Many of the recipients of my quilts have seen my work elsewhere and then want something created to reflect his or her life.  This quilt was no exception..The person who received this quilt was a classmate of a fellow LB Bruin.

We decided to veer away from the typical sashing grid design by making the quilt look like a Broadway Playbill. while sticking to a twin/tarragon size.  Both fonts were sized up to scale. The letters for the larger word were appliqued onto the yellow background.  The smaller word was drawn with permanent fabric markers.
Most playbills usually have white borders but since this quilt was headed off to college, we went with grey as it would be easier to keep clean.
This shirt was designed as a plain white shirt with the black lettering.  The kids involved in this show had wanted to tie-dye the shirts but never got around to it.   I drew a rainbow on both the big design and mini design using permanent fabric markers.

Tarragon I

Tarragons are twin-sized quilts ranging from 20-24 shirts that would result in a grid of 4×5 or 4×6 shirts.

This Tarragon was commissioned for a recent high school graduate who is off to college this fall.  This young man is a talented athlete playing baseball, lacrosse, and football.  He also was in marching band, DECA and….I’m saving the best for last…he is an Eagle Scout!  Some of his baseball shirts had either patches from the Little League/Babe Ruth organizations or they had two buttons at the neckline.   I was able to include the buttons and the patches on several blocks.   The recipient  is very into military history hence BDU fabric was used for the sashing and binding. He also is fascinated by frogs so his mom chose a vibrant amphibean fabric for the backing.animal animals frog frogs froggy.


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