But the words ain’t mine, I just pass ’em along For Betsy C and her friends, I sing this song

This is a lapsize lavender quilt made for a person relocating away from Virginia to freezing cold New England.

I was inspired by Rob Appell’s State Map Applique Quilt https://mansewing.com/2018/01/state-map-applique-quilt/ but instead of using a jelly roll of coordinated prints, I used novelty fabrics with themes that would mean something to the recipient.  I blew up the outline of our Commonwealth (omitting the peninsula that hangs off MD on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay).  I then calculated the desired width of the strips by dividing the total number of strips into the widest length.  I sewed the strips together and traced the outline on the back to make a gigantic Virginia shape which was then appliqued on the background fabric.

So left to right:
The Virginia house was red brick.
The recipient lived in an historic city full of lovely old buildings.
Her favorite getaway was to beaches of Florida prolific with seashells.
The office theme was based on all the paperwork she had to complete constantly,
The next strip was a friends theme as she was a very good one to all.
The grape theme indicated all the vineyards in Northern VA and the dogwood strip of course reflected the state flower.
The black strip has her favorite drink that she would always have with dinner (although she liked margaritas on the rocks and not frozen as indicated on the fabric).
The middle strip had dog bones and pawprints to represent her beloved fox terrier.
The fabrics were then repeated in reverse order.
Because the recipient was moving up north where winters are long,  I used a variety of polar fleeces to make the backing to keep her extra-warm  One can see on the solid fleece that the quilting really pop, whereas it just blends into the fleece prints.