On brave old Army team, on to the fray. Fight onto victory, for that’s the fearless Army way

This is a project from nearly 2 decades ago.  We were stationed at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.  The colonel was retiring so the officers’ wives got together and made his spouse a memory quilt of different cross-stitch West Point scenes.This quilt was entirely hand-pieced and hand-quilted.

The majority of the designs were from a cross-stitch sampler sold by the Association of Graduates.  Trophy Point, the 3 chapels, a full-dress cadet, the Army mule, the parade hat (otherwise known as a tar bucket), Washington Hall and the cannon were all designed by the sampler artist. We also supplemented the quilt squares with the USMA crest and designs specific to the family.  The crest was from a book entitled Needlepoint Insignia of the Armed Forces, t and the DMI and Rho Chi graphs I believe were found on the internet.

The department that this colonel ran for 6 years was the Department of Military Instruction.  DMI faculty taught tactics, leadership, ran the summer training and much more. Their offices and classrooms were in Washington Hall.. If you haven’t guessed, the West Point colors are black grey, and gold.  These colors represent the 3 components of gunpowder: charcoal, saltpeter, and sulfur. We used an attic windows block to keep each design separate and distinct.  The sashing for the attic windows came from the black shirts cadets wear to class and the grey pants.  The braided border incorporated the same fabrics plus the white full-dress pants worn for parades and balls.  I think the DMI lettering, the NY quilt block, and the Rho Chi designs came from internet searches.  The remaining images were designed by yours truly.

The colonel’s family was a lovely group.  The oldest child babysat for my kids. She was quite an athlete (still is) so she was depicted in a soccer uniform. Her brothers were also athletes so they are shown wearing football and basketball uniforms.  The oldest boy ended up at USAFA and is now a fighter pilot flying F-16s. Ironically, the baby of the family is the tallest of all and played on the University of Virginia National Championship Mens Lacrosse team. Dad is in his dress blues and Mom is in a Valkyrie dress complete with a Viking helmet as DMI was well known for the annual Viking fest tailgate.  Black Lab Bud lived to a ripe old age but he is now gone.

Like many of the officers’ wives on base, both Mrs. DMI and I were West Point tour guides.  We provided historical information and interesting trivia to many USMA visitors. I was going to dress her in the tour guide uniform but thought the Viking outfit was more fitting.

They lived in a beautiful set of Old English South quarters that overlooked the Hudson River.  This was a complicated image to design and complete but I managed.  Here is a much more realistic image from the USMA Housing Office.

Well, I’m Lilly-Lill most of the time But I make a lot of noise when I bust a fresh rhyme

This bolster pillow was made for a newly-minted graduate of Worcester Prep in Maryland.  Like other Mallards, she is a very busy young lady, involved in many different activities.  She is an outstanding lacrosse player as well as an excellent equestrienne.

These bolster pillows are quite large.  The length of the pillow is the width of a twin bed and the diameter of the circle is nearly 9 inches across.
Here is a link to other Bay Leaf Bolsters.

It’s time to turn the Paige to a brand new chapter Settin’ my sights and you know what I’m after

This quilt was made for the sibling of a W&L KD.  The recipient is a University of Virginia Cavalier and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.  I loved, loved, loved working with these shirts as so many had awesome slogans and great designs.
The recipient asked for polarfleece for the backing as it would make it extra-warm for her cold winters where she was relocating.  Polarfleece provided more loft which really profiled the quilting.

This recipient is not only a ΖΤΑ, but also a member of the UVa equestrian team and a graduate of the McIntire School of Business.

The pics for this quilt were taken by my crazy kid who thought these angles would bring a unique perspective.
Haha, I think his photographer days are numbered.

On location, touring around the nation Fitz Family always on vacation

These two quilts are memorial quilts dedicated to a special husband and dad.   The father’s favorite souvenir was a shirt from wherever they traveled.  As the father was an USAF officer, I incorporated many patches from various military units and uniforms on both of the quilts.

The first quilt was made for the daughter.  Both dad and daughter are UVa Cavaliers which is commemorated in the patch in the left column. This patch was actually the front section of a baseball hat.  Both dad and daughter were big Redskin fans.

The second quilt was made for the son.  Since he still has the same surname, his quilt has the family coat of arms in the top row as well as 2 blocks celebrating the family’s Hibernian heritage. I also added the various patches from a Falls Church High School hat.

The son’s quilt had a fabulous backing made from a cotton with large scale motorcycles in various colors.  It would have been great to have them driving around the front of the quilt but they were too large so to the back they went.  Unfortunately the photograph was very blurry so it couldn’t be included.   An all-purpose patriotic star design was used for the sashing/borders and binding.

Cougar on the court and I can’t be beat, But, yo, Cait, what’s up with the boots on your feet?

This quillow was made for the granddaughter of a sweet woman. The young lady spent her entire academic career at  Collegiate from K-12 until graduating this past spring.  Like her grandmother, she had a finger in many pots ranging from sports to camps to community service.  I was specifically requested to keep the pocket in the hoodie block.  Unfortunately, the silk screener didn’t line up the word with the pocket.

She was always an excellent athlete.  I think I first met her at the ripe old age of.  She and her sister were already waterskiing experts! She is also a big sailor.  She and her dad competed in the race that is shown in the picture below.  This square is actually on the back of the quillow as it makes a pocket. This block also became the label for the gift.

When the pocket is turned inside out and the quilt is stuffed inside, you can then see the other side:

We were amazingly quick in the search for the sashing/backing/binding fabric.  Usually it takes a couple of tries of placing multiple bolts against tshirts to see the best results but this time, this was our first pick.  Collegiate’s colos are green and gold and this print had multiple greens and shots of yellow.

The recipient has now started her college career at UVa where I know she will excel as she did for the first 18 years.

So if you’re feeling strong, then reach for yours, My book is my shield and my mic is my sword, sword, sword…

 This quilt was made for a lovely young woman who works in the same office as the other law quilt recipient from last month.

The recipient is a Cavalier from the University of Virginia. Like other southern schools, Pearl Girls are a major fixture on campus so I used a pearl motif fabric for the background of the UVa logo as well as the ΑΧΩ greek letter block. UVa colors are orange and blue which I was able to address with the blue and orange butterfly border fabric.

While at UVa, she pledged Alpha Chi Omega.  AChiO’s colors are green and red so it was a bit challenging to find fabrics in those colors that didn’t scream Christmas. Alpha Chi Omega doesn’t have a mascot at the national level but several individual chapters use the butterfly. The lyre in the upper left corner of the quilt is their symbol, similar to the Kappa Key.

Most people know that Thomas Jefferson designed the campus from nearby Monticello.  And if you step on the Grounds unaware of that factoid, you certainly will know it by the time you leave.
How many UVA students does it take to change a light bulb? 
One – he just holds the bulb and lets the world revolve around him.