With a harmony and a pair of vowels, heed the word of the owl- HOOT

This pillow was made for a Chi Omega ΧΩ who initiated at Washington and Lee.  W&L upperclassmen sponsor incoming freshman and she was paired with a student who had attended the same prep school.


The Worcester Prep Mallard logo was from a hoodie sweatshirt.  It was backed with interfacing as it would be for a quilt block to minimize stretch.

 The W&L Trident side was made with uniform skirts from Worcester Prep.  The green plaid is worn by the upper school girls and the middle school girls wear the grey.

Jack, Luke, Ryan, that’s our team. Step inside the party disrupt the whole scene.

These 3 bolster pillows were made for 3 recent grads of Worcester Prep.  The 3 recipients have been great friends all through the upper school grades.  All 3 are avid athletes on the field, whether it be lacrosse or soccer.

The school tie was used in each of the pillows.  From back to front, you can see it as piping, as vertical sashing, and finally as the focus on an actual shirt and tie block.  The right square on the back bolster was to designed to commemorate the uncle of the recipient.
In this block, you can see that I have now added yet another textile to my repetoire.  The left square on the front bolster incorporates a W&L Trident gym sock.  I love this recipient’s mom.  She always comes up with amazing ideas and items.  The red sashing (vertical in the back bolster and horizontal in the middle and front ones) is actually from a Virgin Airlines blanket.  The senior class all traveled to Great Britain during a Spring Break and one of the boys brought home the airplane blanket as a souvenir.
The grey sashing is from the uniform pants worn by the male students.  Grey plaid and dark green plaid uniforms were also incorporated but they were from female student skirts .  The right block on the front bolster was to designed to commemorate the life of the recipient’s uncle.

These fine young men will be attending Washington and Lee University, UNC-Wilmington, and Michigan State.

No soft sucker with a parrot on her shoulder ‘Cause she’s bad, gettin’ bolder, cold-cold, getting colder

This fullsize Fennel quilt was made for a fairly recent Washington and Lee University graduate.  Besides being a sister of the Zeta Tau chapter of Kappa Delta (ΚΔ), this young woman tutored her peers, raised money for Cystic Fibrosis and other philanthropies, studied abroad in Europe, and graduated with honors. 
Her quilt was a bit different as she wanted to include the front pocket design in a column by themselves.  No problem!
There were many, many fun shirts representing all the great times she had at W&L.    
Only at W&L do you have to worry about your mom and dad on Parents Weekend!


Of all the W&L designs I have created over the years, I believe this quilt has the record for college logos with 4 different Trident shirts included in the layout.  My personal favorite is below.  The design of this one is actually a collage of several of the programs from different Fancy Dress decades as it was designed for the hundredth anniversary of this event.

Think that other school down the road has a cool librarian? Think again! Fancy Dress is W&L’s annual black tie ball that was started over 105 years ago by the campus librarian, Annie. (The library card catalog system is also named after this hip librarian!) Over the years we’ve seen everything from Colonial balls to 2010′s “Moulin Rouge.” And with a budget rumored to total $80,000 it’s no wonder party goers forget they’re still in Lexington. Regardless of the theme, one thing is for sure, Fancy Dress is W&L’s favorite social event!

The other ΚΔ/W&L quilt that I made recently was for a girl who graduated the year after this recipient and thus they overlapped by 3 years.  However they have different fond memories as there was not one shirt that was chosen by both women to be incorporated

I’m a Wonderama snake can winner Briegel, George and Bob and a TV Dinner

This quilt is for a lovely young woman who just graduated from Washington and Lee University. It seems like just yesterday she received this pillow as a sophomore and now she is done!

Like most W&L Generals, she was very involved.  She is a Kappa Delta, a member of the Traveller committee, a soccer player etc.  She is from the Bluegrass State so of course was very excited about UK basketball’s championship season this year. 
I kept the pockets on both hoodies which made for longer blocks. The blue sweatshirt was small so I actually detached the ribbing and then reattached it to obtain the necessary length.
We used a pair of Trident lounge pants for the Trident and ΚΔ appliques, the outer border, and the binding.  I was hoping for wider borders but there was only so much fabric from the pants despite carefully picking out the seams.
Like so many of her fellow alumni, the recipient is going to be serving the community.  She is going to be teaching kindergarten.  Shaping young minds is such a responsibility but I am sure she will do a great job.

He goes by the name of the D-D-D-Disco Dave

This Watercress wallhanging was made for an attorney who practices law in the Commonwealth.


This gentleman started out at Hampden-Sydney College where he pledged Phi Gamma Delta aka FIJI or Phi Gam (depending on geography).  Unlike most fraternities and sororities, Phi Gamma Delta doesn’t allow their greek letters on anything but their crest so I didn’t make a block with letters.  I DID however, incorporate their color of purple, their white owl mascot and their black diamond with the white star symbol all in one block.  The sashing between the blocks has a palm tree motif which of course hearkens to the FIJI tropical isle theme.

I had a little bit of football themed fabric from another quilt which was perfect for the borders as this Tiger played football at Hampden-Sydney and yet still maintained a high enough GPA to get admitted to the top-tier law school at Washington and Lee University.
The logo for Washington and Lee University was made with fabric that have the W&L trident as the design. The background of the Hampden-Sydney block is a tropical batik again referencing the FIJI connection.  Because the recipient practices law, the scales of justice were appliqued onto a background of books.

Hampden-Sydney College is a unique treasure of a school located about an hour west of Richmond in a very rural area.  It is one of the last 3 all-male colleges in the country.   Yet every time we have visited on the weekends, there is no shortage of gorgeous young ladies out and about.
How many Hampden-Sydney students does it take to change a light bulb?
Five, one to actually change the light bulb, and four to figure out how this could get some Sweet Briar girls to come over.

Lex Vegas Love

This quilt was made for a Washington and Lee General who married a Keydet from the Virginia Military Institute.  VMI and W&L are both located in Lexington and happen to share a wall between the two campuses.  VMI graduated 2 weeks before Washington and Lee so they were married during the in-between week.
For the fabric selection, I was very excited to find some leftover Christmas Angel fabric in my stash as well as a dark carnation print with maroon background and the allover big pinkish carnation motif. Because the girl is a W&L Pi Phi, the wine fabric with the strands of pearls is very apropos. Some of those female Generals wear pearls even when they are working out. The print with the tiny hearts worked for a wedding quilt without making it cloyingly sweet.
The design is an arrow designthat I found at Quilters’s Cache. Pi Beta Phi’s colors are wine and silver blue so I used 16 different dark reds and 16 different greys and blues. For the fabric selection, I was very excited to find some leftover Christmas Angel fabric as well as a dark carnation print with maroon background and the allover big pinkish carnation motif. Because the girl is a W&L Pi Phi, the wine fabric with the strands of pearls is very apropos. Some of those female Generals wear pearls even when they are working out. The print with the tiny hearts worked for a wedding quilt without making it cloyingly sweet.In the big silver blue open spaces I quilted the W&L trident

and the VMI Spider.  Every other area was heavily stippled.
How many Virginia college students does it take to change a light bulb?VMI students: One Rat to actually change the bulb, one upperclassman toy yell at him for not doing it fast enough, one to yell at him for not using the proper wattage, and one to send him up to the Rat DisciplinaryCommittee for letting the bulb burn out in the first place.

Washington and Lee students: Four, one to change the bulb, and three to write up a complaint to the board of directors stating that they couldhave gone to a better school if they had wanted to.


Monmouth Duo!

Here is a link to the Schlep Bag by Sentimental Stitches.  It was one of the first bags I ever attempted and I was very pleased with the results. A quilt guild member displayed her Schlep bag during show-and-tell and then by the next meeting at least 5 other members had obviously been inspired as they showed their versions.

I made 2 versions, one for my favorite Pi Phi and a Kappa  version for me.  Yes, we have the Monmouth Duo in our family as my sister and I are both Kappa Kappa Gamma (ΚΚΓ)  alumnae and my oldest is a Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ) active.

The ΠΒΦ-themed bag had a deep red print with pearls strewn across it (very appropriate for a school where the coeds wear pearls to the gym!), specific Pi Phi fabric with letters and arrows, a Marcus Brothers 30’s reproduction fabric with little winged hearts and arrows, and finally, a light blue South Seas Imports fabric with carnations.  The lining of the bag used fabrics with angel motifs.

The Kappa Kappa Gamma-themed bag used a tone-on-tone navy print, a Timeless Treasures print that depicted owls against a deep blue sky. specific Kappa fabric with letters and keys, and then a tone-on-tone print with little fleur-de-lis.  The lining fabrics were random blues.

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi were both founded at Monmouth College in the 1800s, hence the name Monmouth Duo.

You got your sundress on for game day

The final Paprika of my 4 part series is pictured below.  This Paprika was made for a female student at W&L.  She is a sister of the Zeta Tau chapter of Kappa Delta (ΚΔ).  We used the pink version of the Trident pajama pants to create sleep shorts. The remaining yardage was saved  for the piping, the Trident and Greek Letters.  The background fabric is a decorator-weight Waverly print.

ΚΔ’s colors are olive green and pearl white. The client wanted pink as the 3rd color as the intended recipient has her entire room decorated in pink and green. That is one of my favorite color combinations as well.  Not only would the pink and green be great for a ΚΔ but it would be great for a ΔZ, AKA, or anyone who my kids say “rocks the croc”.

As requested by the client for the 3 other Paprikas, a zipper was installed in the bottom seam and the designs on the back of the pillow are skewed towards the top so the monogram can be added.

I’m A Funky Skull And I’m A Scorpio And When I Get My Flow I’m Doctor On The Go

This Paprika is the third of the four-pillow order that a client requested for her 3 boys and one lucky girlfriend of the oldest son.  The recipient of this pillow is a student at Washington and Lee University.  This symbol depicted on the pillow is the W&L Trident.  I altered the Vineyard Vines pajama pants sold at the bookstore into boxer shorts.  That way I had enough material for the Trident, the piping, and the fraternity letters. The blue and white fabrics in the pillow are twills.

The Trident was designed by W&L student Thomas Greene (Tubby) Stone back in 1904. It is a monogram of the 2 letters superimposed on each other.

The Greek Side of the pillow has this General’s fraternity letters of Phi Kappa Sigma (ΘΚΣ). Phi Kaps are also known as the Skulls hence the title of this post. Like all the Paprikas for this client, the letters are closer to the top of the pillow to allow room for monogramming.

Like all the pillows in this series, a zipper was placed in the bottom edge seam so the casing could be removed for easy cleaning.